City Water Filtration Systems

city water filtration systems in the villages florida

If you get your water from a municipality or community water source and drink bottled water, you may feel your tap water is not safe.  Enjoy safe, pure, great tasting water from every faucet in your home with a Safety Zone whole house water filtration system.  No chlorine taste and odors.  No harmful chemicals.  Simply enjoy pure, safe water from Safety Zone Water.

Common Water Quality Problems Solved by our City Water Filtration Systems

chlorine removal from city water with safety zone water
Too Much Chlorine
remove harmful chemicals from your water in the villages, fl
Harmful Chemicals
reduce chlorination byproducts in your water
Chlorination By-Products (Linked to Cancer)
water nitrates removal available in the villages, fl
safety zone water lead and mercury removal
Lead, Mercury and Other Heavy Metals
remove bad taste from city water
Bad Taste
remove bad odors from water with safety zone water systems
Foul Odors
city water filtration reduces turbidity from water

Combination Water Softener and Filtration Systems

Two treatments for one affordable price!

Municipal water quality can greatly vary between cities and communities.  If you suspect your tap water may not be safe, we offer a full line of whole-house water filtration equipment to handle your specific needs.

For those on city water, who suspect their tap water is not safe and they have hard water, our combination water softener and whole house filter is a perfect solution! These combination systems remove water hardness, heavy metals, Chlorine, Chloramines, harmful chemicals, tastes and odors.

The Villages, FL

Single Tank Combo Water Filter and Softener Systems

combo-1-150 city water filter and softener system cut-away
Single Tank Combo Water Softener and Filter
safety zone water systems most popular system

A Filter and Water Softener, All-in-one!

Model: COMBO-1-150

How it works: Water flows downward into our single tank model, through the filter media and also through the ion exchange resin to filter and soften your water to provide house water treatment.

Filtration Media: KDF plus catalytic activated carbon.

Features: Includes iron exchange resin that removes water hardness.

Larger capacity systems are also available.


Two-tank Combo Systems

Model: COMBO-2-100-A (automatic)

Model: COMBO-2-100 (non-electric)

Two tank combination water softener and whole house filter.  Tank #1 features catalytic carbon media and KDF filters.  Tank #2 features ion-exchange resin.  Larger filters available for larger applications.

two-tank combination water softener and filtration system
Two-Tank Water Softener and Filter System

City Water Whole House Filtration Systems

City Water Options for Whole House Water Filtration

Among our full line of whole house systems, we provide two standard city water filtration systems: automatic systems or non-electric systems.  Although both are top-quality systems, they offer two different standard maintenance methods.

Our filters can remove harmful impurities such as:

Automatic Backwashing Systems

WHF-100-A automatic backwashing city water filtration system
Automatic Backwashing System

Model: WHF-100-A


Enjoy great tasting, filtered from every faucet in your home with our automatic backwashing systems that feature an automatic backwashing valve.  Larger filter sizes are also available for larger homes or greater use.

These systems utilize catalytic coconut shell activated carbon, in addition to our special KDF filter media, that is designed to reduce heavy metals, extend the carbon’s life and prevent the carbon bed from fouling.

How it works

After a set amount of time, the system automatically begins the backwash cycle for the pre-set backwash duration.  During this process, the water flows through the filtration media in the opposite direction, flushing the filter media clean.  This process leaves the filter media clean and ready to treat more water.  At the end of the backwashing cycle, the water flow is reversed back to its normal flow direction rapidly enough to re-pack the media bed, preparing it for the next service cycle.  A typical residential system backwash filter cycle lasts between 6 and 15 minutes. 

Non-electric Backwashing Systems

whf-100-ne non-electric backwashing city water filtration system
Non-electric Backwashing System

Model: WHF-100-NE


Non-electric systems provide a low-cost alternative for whole house filtration. Catalytic carbon and KDF are used to provide superior performance.  Non-electric filters are ideal for use in vacation homes or other areas, where water use is infrequent, but high performance iron filtration is needed.  Larger filter sizes are also available for larger homes or greater use.

How it works

Water flows into the valve at the top of the filter, down through the media and then up through the ‘riser’ tube in the middle of the container.  As the water travels through the media the iron and manganese are removed leaving pure and clear water.  The advantage of these systems is that they use no chemicals, there is no need to add salt, and in most cases the backwash water can be reused for landscape or other watering.

The manually controlled valve is simple to operate; once the system needs backwashing just move lever to the backwash position for about 10-15 minutes, then move to the lever to the rinse position for about 10 minutes, and then back to the service position. We recommend backwashing the filter on a regular basis.  Some applications may require a daily backwash.

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whole house water softeners in the villages, florida

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Safety Zone Water Systems provides quality products at affordable prices.  Our systems include installation by locally licensed and experienced professionals.  If you’re unsure which products are right for your application, we’ll help you make an informed decision.

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Replacement Parts

Filters don’t last forever!  We strongly recommend using Safety Zone Water Systems replacement filters and replacement parts for compatibility, proper function and safety.  We have replacement filters and system components available!  For replacement parts, please call.