We’re looking for a few good dealers who are eager to increase sales and profits by marketing our cutting-edge water treatment equipment, their customers can’t get
down the street. We provide technical assistance, marketing support and the best customer service in the industry! All this, to help you make more sales, make more
profits and build greater wealth for retirement. Dealers may purchase our equipment TWO WAYS.
You may elect to become a Safety Zone Water™ dealer, and utilize our free and impressive consumer literature. We can also private label our equipment for you!
Either way, you win by getting top quality systems, competitive prices and the advantage of making one call for all your equipment needs. If you are a dealer, plumber or reseller, please call for dealer pricing today!

Attend one of our water treatment seminars. It’s FREE!

If you are a plumber, our water treatment training is essential. Here, you will learn how to test water, what equipment to recommend and why, how to install and start-up our various systems.

If you are an independent water dealer, you will learn “SEVEN SECRETS” for greater profitability, which is valuable information you need to build wealth!

To attend a seminar or inquire, click on the link below.

Has this happen to you?

You need to order something in a hurry. You call your
supplier and get voice mail. You need an installation
manual, and the tech support person places you on
hold. You need more sales literature and your
supplier’s marketing person is off for the day.
It’s time to get in the “Zone”.

The Safety Zone experience

At Safety Zone Water Systems, we don’t have voice mail; and when you call you speak with a real person! And because we sell only to our dealers, you are not just a number. Get in the “zone” with Safety Zone Water Systems! Make one call to order, get technical support, marketing assistance and good ideas!


  • Concierge service (you’re not a number)
  • One stop shop (one call for everything)
  • Top quality equipment – USA made
  • Broad products line with many options
  • Competitive prices
  • Greater ability to compete with franchise water dealers with both quality and price
  • Two purchase options (Safety Zone brand or private label)
  • Good ideas for more effective marketing
  • Free consumer literature (Safety Zone)
  • Face-to-face training
  • Technical support
  • Installation videos
  • Roll up banners for home shows
  • Co-op advertising
  • Leads from our website
  • Learn the seven mistakes dealers often make, which limits their ability to become more profitable.
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