Top Rated Drinking Water Filters From Safety Zone Water SystemsTM For Safe, Pure, Great Tasting Water!

If you live in The Villages, Leesburg, Wildwood, Lady Lake, Belleview, Inverness, Eustis, Mt. Dora, Tavares, Ocala or Gainesville, you are in our service area for our Florida Division. This makes Safety Zone Water Systems your BEST option to improve the quality of your water.

Enjoy safe, pure, great tasting water from every faucet in your home with a Safety Zone whole house water filter. No chlorine taste and odors. No harmful chemicals. No toxic by-products,
which are produced during the chlorination process. No lead, Nitrates, Arsenic. No bacteria, cysts and other harmful microorganisms. Simply enjoy pure, safe water from Safety Zone Water.

Safety Zone Water components are manufactured in the United States, and we assemble our systems in Wildwood, Florida, directly adjacent to THE VILLAGES, Ocala and surrounding
communities. We also have sales divisions in Greensboro, North Carolina and Dallas, Texas.

Our water filtration systems include Safety Zone Whole House Filters, Safety Zone Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems and our highly affordable Safety Zone under sink filters.
Check out our low prices, and be sure to ask for senior and military discounts. With Safety Zone Water Systems, you get top quality equipment, low prices, great warranties,
excellent service and the best customer service in the industry.


If you live in a community serviced by a municipal water treatment plant, you may drink bottled water because you don’t like the taste of your water or suspect it may not be safe.

If you don’t filter your water and think your water is ok, good for you.

However, Consumers Reports magazine revealed in a recent issue Americans spent 31 BILLION dollars last year on bottled water.

What does this tell us about the quality of our water?


Safety Zone Whole house water filtration for great tasting, filtered water from every faucet in your home.


  • Chlorine
  • Chloramines
  • Harmful chemicals
  • Some heavy medels
  • VOCs

  • Some Lead
  • Taste
  • Odors
  • Turbidity (Model B-A)


Model B-A(Automatic)

Enjoy great tasting, filtered from every faucet in your home with our Model B-A systems with our Automatic backwashing valve.

Systems come with catalytic coconut shell activated carbon and our special KDF filter media, designed to reduce heavy metals, extend the carbon’s life and prevent the carbon bed from fouling.

Model B-NE (Non-Electric)

This model is our low-cost alternative for whole house filtration.  Catalytic carbon and KDF are used to provide superior performance.

Model B-NE systems do not need electricity, and no drain is required.  As a result, installation costs are reduced.

KDF Foam Filter Cubes

Model B systems come with our unique foam cubes impregnated with KDF filtration media.This allows the KDF treatment to occure before the carbon to extend carbon life and provide superior performance.

Safety Zone components are manufactured in the United States by the worldwide leading supplier of water conditioning components.  All resins, activated carbons and filter media are NSF certified and come with a 100% quality guarantee.  When it comes to quality, Safety Zone Water™ has you covered!

Innovative designs

At Safety Zone Water, we employ innovative designs to optimize efficiency, provide durability and maximize performance.

We also add multiple grades of resins, carbons and other water treatment media to increase performance.

When it comes to performance, Safety Zone Water Systems outperform the competition!

Great Value!

With our extensive product line, with “good”, “better” and “best” models, we have a wide range of pricing options to meet every budget.

For this reason, Safety Zone Water Systems are your best option, considering price and performance.

Contact us for a quotation today!

Professional installation

When you make your purchase decision, please know all installations are made by licensed plumbers and highly trained water treatment professionals.

Prices include professional installation, start-up, initial customer orientation and one year warranty service.

Water treatment equipment is not “plug-n-play”.  This is why after-the-sale service is an important consideration. We hope you appreciate this, and will select Safety Zone Water Systems to service your water treatment requirements!

Everything is included!

We specialize in 100% customer satisfaction.  This is why everything is included with your Safety Zone Water system.  This includes:

  • By-pass valve so system may be isolated if needed
  • Safety float to prevent brine water overflow
  • Professional installation
  • Start-up
  • Initial customer orientation
  • Warranty and on-going service

Best warranties in the industry!

Safety Zone Water Systems come with the best warranties in the industry.

Our Premium Series systems include a Lifetime Limited Warranty.  (See warranty for full details.)

Signature Series systems come with a five year limited warranty on control valves and ten years on tanks

Financing programs

We offer attractive financing programs for customers who prefer to pay on a monthly basis.  This includes, zero down, zero interest same as cash and low monthly payments as low as 1% of the purchase price.  Contact us for more information.

New homeowners

If you are a new homeowner, now is an excellent time to have your water tested.  Contact us for a FREE, no obligation water consultation!

This is advisable since water quality if rarely mentioned in new home inspection reports.

Check out our full product line.  Download our consumer brochure here.

At Safety Zone Water, we have it all!

Highly reliable “Blue Ribbon” components.  Innovative designs.  Broad product line.  Affordable prices.  Professional installations.  Excellent after-the-sale service.  “Everything included”.  Industry leading warranties.  Financing.  Thirty-seven years’ experience.

Please contact us today to allow Safety Zone Water help you with your water quality improvement requirements.


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