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We all know consumers love options. This is why we offer three equipment types.

Our Premium Series systems are designed for consumer who want the best and are willing to pay for greater efficiency and the benefits they want and need.

Our Signature Series systems offer top quality performance at highly affordable prices.  Signature series systems are our best-selling models.

Our non-electric models for whole house filters do not need electrical power and a drain is not needed.  This lowers both equipment and installation costs!


(Non-Electric Models for Filtration)

Our budget priced non-electric models are a “GOOD” option for whole house filtration to remove Chlorine, Chloramines, VOCs, harmful chemicals, tastes and odors.  They may also be used effectively to raise the pH of Acidic water to prevent corrosion.

Non-electric models obviously do not need electrical power and a drain is not needed.  Installation costs are reduced considerably since the installation is quick and easy.

Whole house options include:

  • Coconut shell activated carbon
  • High performance Catalytic coconut shell activated carbon
  • High performance Catalytic coconut shell activated carbon plus KDF55 to enhance performance and remove some heavy metals
  • Acid neutralizers to prevent corrosion


(Signature Series Models)

Our highly affordable Signature Series systems are ideal for water softeners and backwashing filters to provide automatic operation and greater efficiency.

All components are manufactured in the USA and assembled in Florida and Texas.

Water softener valves are metered to reduce water and salt usage for the resin cleaning process.  By-pass valves are included, and brine tanks come with brine well and an overflow prevention device.

Signature series tanks come with a ten year limited warranty, and Signature valves come with a limited five year warranty.

Signature Series systems are our best-selling models.


(Premium Series Models)

Our Premium Series models cost more to buy, but less to use for two primary reasons.

First, they provide greater efficiency with our unique automatic resin cleaning process, which reduces salt consumption by 50%.

Second, Premium Series systems come with a LIFETIME limited warranty, so your investment is protected for lifetime!

Our Premium Series valve is 1” and is rated for flow rates up to 27 GPM.  A by-pass valve is included, and service alerts can be programmed into the control valve to remind homeowners when routine maintenance is required.

Premium Series systems are an excellent investment, and are highly recommended when consumers understand quality, efficiency and performance pays off over time.

We also offer systems for city water, well water and drinking water applications (click below)

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