Removing Iron and Sulfur from Water

Iron and Sulfur Problems

Are you concerned about how you can prevent iron stains and eliminate rotten egg odors from sulfur-rich water?  Inground home wells tend to have high iron and sulfur levels.  Even municipal water systems can have water with high levels of iron and sulfur due to corroding old cast iron water system pipes.  Safety Zone Water Systems provides the best solution for iron and sulfur problems!

No Bad Laundry

If you’ve recently moved into a new home, and you suddenly find you’re having problems cleaning your laundry or you’ve found mysterious stains on your freshly cleaned clothes, then there might be a problem with your water.  Using water with high levels of iron and sulfur can leave your clothes with yellow, brown or red spots and stains, as well as turning your clothes yellow and making them feel stiff.

No Rotten Egg Odors

Sulfur, or Hydrogen Sulfide, has a characteristic rotten egg smell, even at low levels of concentration that don’t yet cause health effects.  However, exposure over time can move beyond an annoying smell, and can even cause undesirable symptoms like headache, fatigue and nausea.  Higher concentrations also affect the taste of water.  

No Iron Stains

whole house well water filtration systems

When Iron, sulfur and manganese are present in water, it can do more than just change its color.  When dissolved in water, hydrogen sulfide can also corrode metals like iron, steel, copper and brass, which can stain and ruin appliances like clothes washers, dishwashers and sinks, as well as utensils and silverware.

Iron and Sulfur Whole House Systems

iron trapper filtration system
Iron Trapper Whole House System

The Iron Trapper™

Safety Zone Water Systems provides our Iron Trapper™ whole house filtration systems for treating both city water and well water with high concentrations of iron and sulfur.  This unique system removes iron, hydrogen sulfide and manganese using our effective air-draw valve operation and our unique Iron Trapper™ filter media.

How It Works

The Iron Trapper™ utilizes oxygen, contained in your water and fresh ambient air to oxidize the iron, hydrogen sulfide and manganese, so that these contents drop out of the solution as they form particles.  These particles are then trapped by the Iron Trapper™ media and are periodically removed from the filter during the backwash cycle.  Our Iron Trapper™ systems do not rely on added chemicals for oxidation.  However, if your water also contains bacteria, water treatment chemicals may be required for disinfection.

The right system for you

Safety Zone Water Systems provides multiple system options to handle every application.  Find out which water softener and filtration system is best for you.