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Salt-Free Water Conditioning for the Whole House

Looking for an effective salt-free alternative to a conventional water softener? Here at Safety Zone Water Systems, we have an affordable, well-crafted two-tank, saltless water conditioning system. Without using salt, this effective whole-house solution prevents and removes hard water scaling, reduces and removes Chlorine and other harmful chemicals and metals, and ultimately leaves you with better-tasting water.

saltless water conditioner system uses no salt
No Salt Needed

Saltless Water Conditioner System Benefits

This Safety Zone Water Systems saltless water conditioning system provides both water filtration and water softening functionality, to best suit you and your family’s water treatment needs.

This water treatment system offers:

Filtration: Whole house filter with Catalytic Coconut Shell Activated Carbon and KDF to remove or reduce Chlorine, Chloramines, taste, odors, heavy metals and numerous other harmful chemicals.

Conditioning: A no-salt, anti-scale treatment to protect your plumbing and expensive appliances, by preventing scale formation.  The Safety Zone No-Salt System protects expensive appliances, such as hot water heaters, dishwashers, coffee makers and ice machines by preventing scale formation.  reducing iron and sulfur to improve your health. No scale! No salt! Simply pure, safe water from every faucet in your home!

Lower Maintenance: This salt-free water conditioner offers a low maintenance water treatment solution, making it easier for you to get fresh and safe water, that is also free of hard water scaling.  Our systems are installed by dependable and experienced installation partners.

Removes and Treats:





Flow rate:

Up to 15 GPM

Pipe sizes:

¾”, 1” and 1.5”


2 Tanks, 10” x 44”


City water


NSF certified, 61


NSF certified, 61


125 PSI Max.

Larger tanks available for larger applications.

two-tank salt free water softening system in wildwood florida
Two-Tank Salt-Free Water Softener System

How Our Salt-Free System Works

Tank 1

first tank of saltless water softener system

KDF Filter Media

The water treatment process starts in tank #1, where your water is treated with our KDF filter media, designed to enhance the performance of the activated carbon, remove heavy metals and protect the carbon bed from bacterial growth.

Catalytic Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

While still in tank #1, harmful impurities are next removed or reduced using our NSF certified Catalytic coconut shell activated carbon to provide filtered water from every faucet in your home.

Tank 2

first tank of salt-free water treatment system

Scale and Rust Inhibitor

The final water treatment process occurs in tank #2, where our special scale and rust inhibitor filter media prevents hard water scale formation by forming a passive coating on the pipes and wetted surfaces.  Tank #2 inhibits scale formation.

A Rewarding Result

After your water has gone through both of the tanks, you are now left with pure, chemical-free and metal-free water that you and your family can now safely drink and use.  You may notice a lot of change throughout your house, such as no more foul odors or taste, and longer lifetime of your appliances.  These results are well worth the affordable price and hassle-free installment. 

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Safety Zone Water Systems provides quality products at affordable prices.  Our systems include installation by locally licensed and experienced professionals.  If you’re unsure which products are right for your application, we’ll help you make an informed decision.

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Filters don’t last forever!  We strongly recommend using Safety Zone Water Systems replacement filters and replacement parts for compatibility, proper function and safety.  We have replacement filters and system components available!  For replacement parts, please call.