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Safety Zone Water Systems provides other specialty products in addition to our whole-house water treatment systems.

Among other solutions, we feature a bottleless water cooler dispenser, a room air purifier, an irrigation stain prevention system, and a budget whole house water cartridge filtration system.  Request a quote today for one of these specialty products, or to find other solutions for your situation.

Bottleless Water Cooler

Model: WD-B (black)

Model: WD-W (white)

This self-contained system connects directly to your cold water line.  Available in black and white colors, this cooler dispenses both hot and cold water without needing bottles.  It features a bottleless durable stainless steel tank.  Optional filtration is also available.  This hot and cold water dispenser is ideal for home and office applications without the fuss of bottle delivery and replacement.

bottleless water cooler in the villages florida
Bottleless Water Cooler

Room Air Purifier and Filter

Model: RAP-1000

Safety Zone Water Systems offers a powerful, four-stage portable room air purifier:

This room air purifier is the ultimate portable Healthy Home System.  For home or office. Zaps germs and mold, and traps dust and dander. It eliminates odors, smoke, and VOCs.  This system plugs into any standard 120 volt outlet.
From state-of-the-art VOC and particle sensors to its ultra-quiet, variable speed fan, this is not your traditional portable air purifier.  Larger systems are also available.

safety zone water systems room air purifier
Portable Room Air Purifier

Irrigation Stain Prevention System

Model: SPS-30

For irrigation systems that need to be treated to prevent staining of driveways, walk ways, walls, fences and foliage, Water Safety Zone Systems offers a stain prevention system that connects to an irrigation system.  This system includes the treatment tank and chemical pump.  Concentrated stain prevention chemical is sold separately.

safety zone water systems water irrigation stain prevention system
Irrigation Stain Prevention System

Whole House Cartridge Filter

Model: WHF-D-20

As a budget option for whole house filtration, Safety Zone Water Systems offers a dual-stage whole house filter.  This system provides housing for two filter cartridges and features pressure gauges.  It includes a stainless steel bracket for mounting and a wrench to remove and install cartridges.  This Filtration system removes / reduces:


Requires 2 filter cartridges (sold separately):

  • 1st stage sediment filter cartridge C-4X20-P-20 (20 micron) or C-4X20-MB-DG (dual gradient) – approximate filter life: 6 months
  • 2nd stage cartridge filter: granulated activated carbon filter – approx. filter life: 20,000 to 35,000 gallons
safety zone water systems two stage whole house filter
Whole House Cartridge Filter

Request a Quote

Safety Zone Water Systems provides quality products at affordable prices.  Our systems include installation by locally licensed and experienced professionals.  If you’re unsure which products are right for your application, we’ll help you make an informed decision.

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Replacement Parts

Filters don’t last forever!  We strongly recommend using Safety Zone Water Systems replacement filters and replacement parts for compatibility, proper function and safety.  We have replacement filters and system components available!  For replacement parts, please call.