Under-Sink Drinking Water Systems

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Safe Tap Water

If you drink bottled water at home or suspect your tap water is not safe, a Safety Zone drinking water system is for you!  Options include reverse osmosis systems, our two-stage drinking water system for city water or our three-stage under-sink drinking water filter for well water.

Primary drinking water concerns

No Need to Buy Bottled Water Any More

Save money on bottled water.  Get fresh, clean and safe water right out of your sink!

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Under-Sink Products


RO (reverse osmosis) is a phenomenal technology that removes the most contaminants found in water, including dissolved metals, VOCs, PCBs, Nitrates, Arsenic, Fluoride, THMs, Lead, bacteria and other microorganisms. Systems include storage tank.  Faucet selection is additional.

Reverse Osmosis 5-Stage System

Model: RO-5

Conventional RO system with standard cartridges and membranes.

reverse-osmosis system

Reverse Osmosis 4-Stage System

Model: RO-4 – Wall mount system

Model: RO-4-P – Wall mount system with non-electric pump*

*Faster water production when connected to an icemaker.

A superior system that features quick-connect cartridges for easier and faster replacement.



Removes / reduces:


Model: USF-2

This system is ideal for city water to remove Chlorine, chemicals, taste, odors and sediment.  This system includes a dedicated faucet.

Removes / reduces:

2-stage under sink filters


Model: USF-3

Our three-stage under sink filter is ideal for well water, rated to remove bacteria, sediment, taste, odors and harmful microorganisms. This system includes a dedicated faucet.

Removes / reduces:

Single cartridge filter also available for under-sink or drinking water fountains.  Model: USF-1

Other Solutions for City and Municipal Water

High Capacity Under-sink filter

Model: USF-HCF

No faucet needed!  When attached to your cold water sink line, this filter provides clean and safe drinking water out of your sink.  This filter removes bacteria, sediment, taste, odors and harmful microorganisms.  Features a 10,000 gallon capacity!

UV Purifier

Model: UV-12

No faucet needed!  Especially recommended for city water that provides insufficient chlorine for proper disinfection.  When attached to your water line, this system provides chemical-free water treatment out of your sink by killing bacteria, cysts, viruses and other harmful microorganisms.  Handles up to 12 GPM

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Safety Zone Water Systems provides quality products at affordable prices.  Our systems include installation by locally licensed and experienced professionals.  If you’re unsure which products are right for your application, we’ll help you make an informed decision.


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Replacement Parts

Filters don’t last forever!  We strongly recommend using Safety Zone Water Systems replacement filters and replacement parts for compatibility, proper function and safety.  We have replacement filters and system components available!  For replacement parts, please call.