Test Kits
Test Strips & Demos Kits

DFTK (Deluxe field test kit)

Drop bottle test for water hardness. Also, testing for Chlorine, pH, Iron, and meter for testing Total Dissolved Solids.


Includes test strips for water hardness, pH, Chlorine & Iron. With drop bottle test for hardness. Low cost.


Test strips for water hardness, Chlorine and pH.  (25 per bottle).
Get results fast!


(25 per bottle.)


Test strips for Hydrogen Peroxide.
(25 per bottle.)

Soap Demo Kit (SOAP-DEMO)

This demo kit is very convincing by demonstrating how more effective soap, shampoo, and detergents are in soft water.
Two flasks, stoppers, soap, plastic case, are included.

Hard water – no suds. See the un-dissolved soap in the bottom of the flask.
Soft water, lots of suds!  The soap is 100% dissolved.  Get cleaner with soft water and save money too! The water below the suds is crystal clear.

Other Test & Demo Kits

Part Number
TK-BACTERIA 48-hour test for Bacteria
TS-HS Test strips for Hydrogen Sulfide
TK-HS Highly effective test kit for Hydrogen Sulfide
DK-PRECIP Demo kit to precipitate water hardness so you can see the water hardness minerals
SOAP-DEMO Soap demo kit (shown above)