Water Softeners
& Conditioners

Enjoy soft, clean refreshing water with Safety Zone Water softeners and conditioners.   We provide water softeners for virtually every sized home and light commercial application.  Tank sizes include 9×48, 10×54, 12×52, 14×65, 16×65, 18×65, 21×62 and 24×72.  Valve sizes include 1”, 1.5” and 2”.  With Safety Zone water softeners, all valves are fully electronic for greater efficiency (using less water and salt); operational settings are adjustable for optimum performance;  components are made right here in America; and systems are assembled in Ocala, Florida and Carrollton, Texas.

Get squeaky
clean with soft


WC-100 9 x 48 1” 30,000 Average
WC-150 10 x 54 1” 45,000 Above average
WC-150-TANNIN 10 x 54 1” 45,000 Above average
WC-250 13 x 54 1” 75,000 Large
WC-300 14 x 65 1” 90,000 Estate
WC-400-150 16 x 65 1.5” 120,000 Commercial
WC-500-150 18 x 65 1.5” 150,000 Commercial
WC-700-150 21 x 62 1.5” 210,000 Commercial
WC-1000-150 24 x 72 1.5” 300,000 Commercial
WC-1000-200 24 x 72 2″ 300,000 Commercial

Other models are available.  Please inquire.  *Grains of hardness per gallon.


Best Value

With our extensive experience, you can rest assured our systems will provide top quality performance, greater efficiency and offer the best value, considering price and performance!

By-Pass Valve

All residential Safety Zone systems come with a by-pass valve.

Brine tanks

Brine tanks come with a brine well and safety float to prevent brine water overflow.

Made in America

Safety Zone Water components are manufactured in the USA, and our systems are assembled in Ocala, Florida.

Metered valves for greater efficiency.

Our softener valves are metered so the resin cleaning process is based on water usage, not time.  This provides greater efficiency so our water softeners use less salt and less water.

Installed by trained plumbing and water treatment professionals.

Safety Zone systems are installed by licensed plumbers and water treatment professions.  We also provide excellent after-the-sale service!

Limited warranty.

Ten years on tanks and five years on valves.  See warranty for more details.

So many soft water benefits!

Softer Skin

No Bad Hair Days

Brighter Laundry

No Mineral Deposits

Get squeaky clean in soft water!

Removes Iron
*Up to 2 PPM.

No Spots on Dishes

No Dry Skin

No Soap Film

Save Money With Fewer Plumbing Repairs!


What Our Client Says About The

John JenkinsJohn Jenkins
20:23 23 Oct 23
A great experience with no surprises. Neal and Dakota were exceptional to deal with. I was provided a lot of upfront information to answer my questions. No sales pressure at all.I am extremely pleased with the installation and the customer service. Top notch all around!
Barbara TestonBarbara Teston
19:17 01 Feb 23
Fantastic product. I can't say enough good things about our rep, Dakota. He is extremelyknowledgeable, professional and courteous! Thank you Dakota😃👍and Safety Zone
Mike CavatoMike Cavato
18:43 25 Jul 22
The plumber that installed my system was not super knowledgable on how to program it after installation. I emailed Safety Zone with some questions and Dakota came to my house and made sure my system was set up property after testing the water. He answered all of my questions and really was outstanding. Great customer service.
Christopher LynchChristopher Lynch
03:34 08 Jul 22
Quality products great customer service great prices
Don HlavacDon Hlavac
17:13 06 Oct 20
Neal is awesome. Extremely knowledgeable and takes his time answering all questions we had. Did not try to oversell his product line, gave us what we needed. After installation, he came back and did another water test to show how our system is working. We highly recommend this company.
Neil KalinNeil Kalin
11:53 18 Jul 20
Neal was very knowledgable and accomodating. We had a water softener system installed in our home (in Ocala) and the results were amazing. From very 'hard' water to perfect 'soft' water. With the Safety Zone Water System we will experience considerable savings in the years to come. Should you be in the market for water conditioning we highly recommend that you contact Safety Zone Water Systems, LLC.
Gary ClarkGary Clark
13:33 27 Apr 20
Bottom line up front: If you are on a well, get this system! The improvement in the taste of the water is incredible and was immediate! You will be happy using the Safety Zone water treatment systems.My wife and I recently purchased a new house out in the country, and this was our first experience with being solely on well water. The house came with an existing water softener, but it was immediately obvious that this system would not be sufficient as the water out of the tap tasted horrible. We contacted our plumbers, and they installed a Safety Zone treatment system that consisted of two tanks - the first to treat the iron and sulfur in our water, and the second to take care of the hardness. The results were immediate - no more smell, bad taste, or stains in the tubs and toilet. Before the installation of this system, we were only drinking water that had been through the filter on the refrigerator, and this was very annoying. After installation, the water out of all of our taps tastes as pure as the best bottled water.We had some questions about the system, and the owner of Safety Zone happened to be at our plumbers office and agreed to come by the house. He checked over the system, answered the questions I had, and even retested the water - no iron and no hardness! You could not ask for a nicer person, and the equipment he provides is top notch.Use this company. You won't be disappointed by the equipment or the people!
David RangerDavid Ranger
14:40 06 Sep 19
We got several flyers to water treatment systems and wanted to understand types and options and @ what cost to improve out well water. Neal was very detailed in going through what was available on the market and how the different systems would be compared and the cost differences. The testing Neal performed answered most of our concerns and he was able to recommend a cost effective system that was with in our price range. Neal was here during installation and check out and followed up about 2 weeks later to recheck the water quality and see if we were enjoying the our fresh drinkable well water. I recommend looking at the many option of available Safety Zone Systems before selecting a company or system and meet Neal who will work through all the options to give his customers satisfaction. D.T Ranger