Safety Zone


An Experienced Owner

Neal currently lives in Ocala, FL with his wonderful wife, Patricia, with whom he’s enjoyed over 50 years of marriage, and during which they’ve raised two great children. Neal has worked in the water treatment industry since 1982, having over 40 years of experience. Although Neal and his wife live in, and enjoy, Ocala’s lifestyle, Neal has intentionally located his business in Wildwood so that he could provide a central location to better service his customers in Ocala and the growing community of the Villages in Central Florida.

A Desire to Be a Better Water Treatment Supplier

After being Vice President of Sales and Marketing of a commercial filtration company, Neal became the general manager of a major multi-national Fortune 500 company, with 6 locations in the US, and which manufactured and marketed water treatment equipment, in which Neal ran the water-treatment division. Because he saw an opportunity to provide a more effective business structure and a more personable service, Neal started Safety Zone Water Systems. He wanted to spend more attention focusing on meeting his customer’s needs on a more individual basis. In the past, he has always enjoyed meeting with homeowners to help them ascertain the best methods and equipment to improve their water quality. He has also enjoyed building quality business relationships with plumbing contractors and water treatment services.


Prioritizing Better Customer Service

Safety Zone Water Systems now boasts itself as a single-source supplier of water quality improvement equipment for the plumbing industry, with superior and affordable equipment manufactured locally in North Florida using US-made top-quality components, backed up with excellent warranties and followed up with helpful after-sales service. Safety Zone Water Systems has a local focus, now being the leading brand for the plumbing industry in North Florida and Southern Georgia. Neal feels that his business is currently best-suited to provide the best local service for all of his customers, both small and large, with a personal touch and with attention to detail.

Boasting a Strong Distribution Network

Neal now has an extensive distribution network that stocks, delivers and markets Safety Zone Water Systems products for plumbing wholesalers and plumbing contractors who want to add quality water treatment services and products to their businesses. The Safety Zone Water Systems distribution network is extensive and strong, stocking and supplying a full product line of every product and technology needed to improve residential and light-commercial water quality problems in our area. Currently, our exclusive stocking distributors can be found in:

Brunswick, GA
Valdosta, GA
Savannah, GA
Jacksonville, FL
Ocala, FL
Rockledge, FL
Tampa, FL
Port Charlotte, FL
Vero Beach, FL
West Palm Beach, FL
Lakeland, FL

Providing the Best Education for Professionals

In all of Neal’s water treatment ventures, what he has enjoyed most, and has had the greatest impact is in effective training of plumbing contractors regarding:
Comprehensive Water quality testing and assessing
Implementing optimal water quality improvement methods
Education of the latest water quality technologies, and
Installation, start-up and servicing of the best equipment on the market
The training of these contractors and wholesalers is vital for consumers and offices because they’re the ones installing and repairing water systems in homes and businesses. Neal’s education of these professionals since 1992, equips them to identify water quality problems first-hand, especially while doing plumbing repairs, which are frequently related to water quality problems and damage due to excess hardness, chlorine, iron and sulfur, which need to be resolved with water quality improvement equipment.