Home Water
Treatment Plant

The Safety Zone Home Water Treatment Plant™

If you’re dealing with problem water and need disinfection to kill bacteria and oxidation to filter out impurities, our Home Water Treatment Plant is for you!

Here’s what’s included: Flow actuated chemical feed pump, 15 gallon solution tank, contact tank to provide time for proper disinfection, Safety Zone WC-150 water softener, Safety Zone WHF-150-A whole house filter to remove the chemical before water goes into your house, one five gallon pail of Hydrogen Peroxide, test strips to test for the proper chemical residual and weather covers should the system be installed outdoors.

Flow actuated chemical feed pump
Hydrogen Peroxide
Test strips for Hydrogen Peroxide
Home Water Treatment Plant
Model HWTP-150-80
Home Water Treatment Plant
Model HWTP-150-1354

Two Models

Two Home Water Treatment Plant models are available.

Model HWTP-150-80 includes an 80 gallon contact tank with a bottom drain. This model is best suited with high levels of Iron, so the bottom drain may be used to purge Iron particles from the system from time to time. In addition, the larger contact tank provides greater contact time if high levels of Bacteria are a concern.

Model HWTP -150-1354 uses a 13×54 contact tank. This model is typical used with no Iron or low levels of Iron. Both models come with a “150” softener and filter.